Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sinister Dexter in DR. MAYBE'S MUSUEM OF DEATH

Here's quick little 2000AD flavored script from the vaults.

This time it's a three page script and it stars Tharg's resident ultra-cool, badass hitmen Sinister Dexter.

This is another script I had published in British 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz back in 2012.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Here we go, as palette cleanser after those big chunks of 'Big Two' I've been serving up since the old Coverband blog kicked off - how about a little bit from 2000AD

Specifically the lovely PSI Judge Anderson.

I actually had this six page strip published in the British 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz.

It was a while back now. Reading it back I remember having a lot of fun writing this one.

Check it out...

Scarlet Witch & Ms Marvel in FEMALE BONDING

Hi again folks, here's a ten pager from my motley crew of Scarlet Witch centric scripts.

This time we've plopped down right in the middle of Kurt Busiek and George Perez's fantastic Avengers run (a personal favorite Avengers era of mine). So we've got Wanda shakily taking the reins of the team, gaining her feet and her confidence.

This story also co-stars Carol 'Ms Marvel' Danvers from this period. Back then she was hitting the local tavern in-between kicking super-villainous ass and sassing her team-mates. Who doesn't love Carol?

Also just for fun - I've revived a Captain America from the late, great (and as yet unsurpassed) Mark Gruenwald's run. The super-bad femin-nazi  Superia.

This one was fun to write.

Hope it's fun to read...

Robotman in METAL MICKEY

Here's another script I've dredged up that was written while I was reading the fantastic Doom Patrol v2 from Paul Kupperberg and Joe Stanton (and later art from a personal favorite creator of mine Erik Larson).

That was a great run and a great take on the team, especially the team's stalwart curmudgeon - Cliff 'Robotman' Steele.

With his irascible antics in that run as my inspiration I wrote this eleven page script featuring the man himself (as well as a brief appearance by my other DC favorites - the JSA). It's a heady brew of comedy and Robotman's patented doom and gloom.


Scarlet Witch in HATE THE GAME...

Welcome back folks. I went through something of a Scarlet Witch phase a little while back which produced a bunch of scripts featuring the lovely Ms. Maximoff.

Here's a ten pager with a slight cosmic bent. It's set between Wanda's disappearance at the end of House of M and her re-emergence in the Children's Crusade. It also co-stars two of Wanda's former beaus The Vision and Wonder Man. Both Viz and Simon are written as they were during Kurt Busiek' awesome Avengers run (Viz doing his best to act aloof and robotic, Simon in his ion-charged energy form and both ga-ga for Wanda).


Monday, 17 November 2014

Hawkeye & Black Widow: THE STING

Let's open things up here at Coverband with a little eight pager I knocked together featuring the Black Widow and Hawkeye.

I put this one together while the Shadowland event was going on. So some of dialog reflects what was going on the New York City of the Marvel Universe at the time.


Welcome to Coverband Comics...

Welcome to Coverband Comics.

This is a little project I've been trying to get launched for many a year now as part of my never-ending quest to gain a foothold in the ever slippery, unscalable peak that is the comic-book industry.

The idea originally was that I would just pass around some mini-scripts I'd written starring established (mainly Big Two) characters to all of the artists I'd worked with in the past. The theory was if they illustrated the little script we'd both have a great little sequential strip to add to their portfolio should either of us ever get the chance to get before the eyeballs of some top biller from either company.

Sadly I knew way too many talented people. All of them had work elsewhere in much giddier heights than my little 'portfolio padding' project could hope to match. More power to them I say!

So I threw the doors open to any artist I happened to be remotely acquainted with at all. Sadly this too came up with naught. Everybody was interested but the project always seemed to get lost in the comic-book grind shuffle.

So until now my little mini scripts have been languishing in the obscurity of my hard drive *gulp* archived projects folder!

Then I thought why not just stick the scripts up somewhere that everyone and anyone can see them. That way they're available to anyone who might just happen past and feel like knocking out a Spider-man or Superman sequential page to pad to their portfolio, to loosen their artistic muscles or even just for kicks.

So if you're an artist and you wind up here. Browse the posts - if you see a script, a page or even a panel you'd like to draw, go for it.

When you're done, stick a copy in your portfolio and send one to me. I'll stick it up on the blog here for all of the loyal YouAreComic passers by to admire (I'll also tout it on twitter and facebook for good measure).

NOTE: All of these scripts are just vignettes starring established characters. They're not full stories or universe spanning epics. They're just fun little interactions or moments starring characters I felt like scripting at the time.

NOTE THE SECOND: I don't own the copyright to any of the characters featured and am not attempting to make profit of any kind from this project. It's just for fun.